Davis Future Planning LLC

"Everyone In Your Household Should Have Excellent Credit "

"Paranda Davis"

75-100+ points can make a difference

How We Improve Your Credit

We Evaluate Your Credit

One of our certified credit analysts will review your credit report with you and provide a customized in-depth credit evaluation. She/He will make sure you understand the entire credit repair process, answer any questions you may have, and will be available to assist you throughout the process.

Personalized Strategy

After your evaluation, we will work with you to develop a personalized strategy and dispute inaccurate items with all three credit bureaus. We know what works! We will write customized letters on your behalf. Within 45 days the bureaus will respond to you directly with your results.

Why Us

Why should you enroll in our program

You Might Be a Victim

According to the Federal Trade Commission, over 79 percent of credit reports contain errors or inaccuracies. We can help identify inaccurate, unverifiable, or misleading items that may be hurting your credit score. Disputing such items can result in having them removed from your credit report and improving your score.

Outstanding Service

Thank you for choosing Davis Future Planning LLC for your credit repair needs. We have over eight years of credit & debt management services experience geared towards transforming your financial situation. We offer a free consultation to anyone who needs one and you will not be billed unless you decide to move forward with services.

We Get the Job Done

We are more aggressive than any other credit repair agency. We have a proprietary dispute process that gives us the ability to be very strategic so misleading, outdated, or incorrect items are removed quickly. The faster items are removed the faster you can buy your dream home, get a new car, or qualify for a new credit card!


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